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It might be just me, and the amount I’m reading and watching the news at the moment, but things feel a bit despairingly bleak right now. In terms of politics I mean, and the future of the UK and world. I’m writing this just before today’s latest probably cut filled budget is announced, homelessness has […]

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With only a few weeks till the UK general election, I thought it might be useful to do a series of, ahem, partisan blogs explaining exactly why you might want to vote for each party. If you’d like a more sensible view do check out Rick Edwards’ excellent new book ‘None Of The Above‘ which […]

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I was talking to a chiropractor at a wedding yesterday. Yes I know that’s a lot of info to take in right there but there’s no need for you to have anything other information about the situation than that. Though it should be known that it was a lovely day and my good friend Jacqui […]

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There are many problems with comedy, and one of the main ones is constantly being obsessed with overthinking about it and working out exactly what it is we are all meant to be doing. This is pretty much what leads to all the other problems of comedy and were any of us that are involved […]

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This post was meant to be on the Huffington Post this week, but er, legally, cos of the things it says in it. So, knowing full well it contains libel and probably slander, here it is, in full form. Enjoy! btw it was written on Sunday so sorry if its out of date about anything. […]

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I’m a whole bundle of vexed this morning. Not sure what a bundle of vexed would be like but I suspect it to be like the creature in Brett Easton Ellis’ Lunar Park. If haven’t read that, imagine Gnasher trying to eat himself. That’s probably about right. Why such rage oh Tiernan? Well blogees, let […]

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I wrote this blog earlier today, but wi-fi let me down by being less omnipresent than I always assume it is. As far as I’m concerned, wi-fi is the closest real thing that acts like the idea of God as possible. It is many places, it provides an incredible wealth of services and it somehow […]

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If today I was a song, I’d be Stevie Wonder’s ‘Travelling Man’. I mean I am, nearly everyday ‘True O.G’ by Ice-T but as well as that. I’m also a song that describes the extent to which today, I have been travelling. I haven’t gone very far. No. Just from Galway to Shannon, Shannon to […]

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My routine in the morning, generally, is to wake up and before I do anything else, check my phone for any overnight correspondence. I realise this is quite sad. Some of you probably have a cup of tea first or use the loo, but in today’s day and age where I may as well have […]

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I was going to try my best today to write about something other than Andrew Lansley and the NHS but its very difficult. I hate very much that such a loathsome man has taken over not only this week’s blogs but generally much of my thinking for the past week. It’s reached such an extent […]

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