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Somehow it is August again. Don’t worry, I’m not baffled by how time works. I’ve got a watch and it has a proper big and little hand on it and everything. I just mean that time seems to fly by in a way that makes me assume it’s having a lot more fun than anyone […]

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I’ve been thinking a lot about the lost city of Atlantis these last few days. If the island wasn’t just a fictional creation and did exist, now somewhere miles underwater, now inhabited by a variety of sea life rather than denizens that it once used to hold, I wonder what it’s last few weeks would […]

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There are many problems with comedy, and one of the main ones is constantly being obsessed with overthinking about it and working out exactly what it is we are all meant to be doing. This is pretty much what leads to all the other problems of comedy and were any of us that are involved […]

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I’m not a fan of new year’s resolutions but I’ve scolded myself on many occasion in 2013 for having blog type thoughts in my head and not confined them to the internet. There are far too many thoughts on the internet already and if anything, I repeatedly complain that we are now in a world […]

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I’m not going to the Edinburgh Fringe this year. If you hadn’t gathered that already or remotely cared then I’m sorry to say you’ll be bombarded by various blogs I’ve written for various websites all detailing why. Essentially, in a series of different words, they all amount to the same reasons: it costs too much […]

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I have realised the huge flaw in only writing a blog every few days rather than daily, and that’s that I have far too much to talk about within any 24 hour period. Therefore letting it build up until I do actually write a blog means that you, the blog reader (yes, all one of […]

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Ah Halloween, the night where lots of people, completely forgetting the original roots of Samhain celebrating the harvest and ‘dark half’ of the year arriving, all dress up as twats to run around pretending that scary things are fun. They aren’t fun. Sure you go ahead and dress up as zombies, having a laugh and […]

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Its a horrible feeling when the last thing you post on Twitter is a possible hooray at the stay of a innocent man’s execution on Death Row, only to wake up and find out he was indeed murdered during the night. I’m not going to pretend I know all the ins and outs of it […]

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