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I’ve barely left the flat today. I would like to say I consider this a success. The weather outside is, I would say, unhappy. It’s not terrible and angry and full of rain and bluster and thunder. It’s just grey, drizzly and generally not keen to be out of bed on a Sunday and so […]

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I’m not sure when as a kid I got my first inkling that grown ups didn’t know everything. I’ve got a feeling it was when we were on a family trip to the US about 1992ish. Yes that’s a bit vague but my parents would save up each year, for a few years in a […]

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I’ve now been home from the Edinburgh Fringe for 3 days, and I’m still in the usual need for recovery. Yesterday I accidentally napped for 3 hours without meaning to. Does that still fit into nap criteria? 3 hours doesn’t feel long enough for a sleep but it’s definitely way more than a nap. Is […]

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It occurred to me while tucking into some toast off the A1 near Berwick on Tweed, that I’ve been doing stand-up comedy for 14 years this year. Not sure why it hit me at that moment but it was probably a combination of me feeling relief that I was finally on my way home from […]

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Robin Ince had a bit in his stand-set recently about giving up reading newspapers and instead reading a book or looking at your favourite bit of art for a while. I’ve thought about this a lot, as the news has swept everyone up in its hysteria over the past year more so than ever before. […]

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A couple of weeks ago I posted this: https://www.tiernandouieb.co.uk/2016/03/partly-big-society/ A few people read it and said they liked it. Mark Thomas very kindly sent it out to his followers on Twitter too which gave it about 400 views and the podcast where I talked about it had over 1200 listens. Which is all great. And as […]

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I’m having one of those times of year where I panic unnecessarily. I think it’s the sort of panic you only get with self employment, the sort that only comes after you plough through your diary for the foreseeable future and notice a distinct lack of work. Well, that’s not true. There is a lot […]

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President Trump flicked idly through an Encyclopedia Britannica. He couldn’t pronounce the title, but he liked all the pictures and without this book that he found on the shelves of the White House, he would’ve known about so many other terrible things that existed in the world. As a result it was the only book he […]

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Today I had the pleasure of being that expert on the news that has no idea what they’re talking about. You know the one? They’re asked all sorts of serious questions and they squirm slightly over a video link, and repeat themselves fifteen times while trying not to sweat profusely? Well, I played the role […]

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Nine days ago I was standing in line at the Hiroshima Memorial Park Museum, looking at the remnants of a tricycle of a small three year boy who’d been outside when the atomic bomb was dropped on August 5th at 8.15am. His father found the barely alive child clutching the handlebars and trapped under the rubble […]

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