This Isn’t For You (Except It Is) March 8th, 2015

So look, this blog should probably have ‘Advertisement’ written across the top of it so you can distinguish it from my other blogs where I fail to promote myself due to a lack of anything anyone might want to buy. But I thought as well as shamelessly selling things, I thought I’d explain some things […]

Wanted: A Clever But Easily Exploited Person June 6th, 2014

This is less a blog post, and more and advert for assistance. I just thought it was better to put it here rather than in the window of my local shop where less people would see it and chances are super evil Chris Moyles* man from the garage or the man who’s always at the […]

I Vote For Voting May 18th, 2014

I was talking to a chiropractor at a wedding yesterday. Yes I know that’s a lot of info to take in right there but there’s no need for you to have anything other information about the situation than that. Though it should be known that it was a lovely day and my good friend Jacqui […]