The Annual Douieb Review December 31st, 2011

Here we are at the last day of 2011. As some people would say, its been a year of ups and downs. I agree with this. I’ve been up some hills, particularly over August in Edinburgh, and I’ve also been down the same hills in order to get back to where I lived. I’ve been […]

Fluffy Bears & Pee December 13th, 2011

FROZEN PLANET The press seemed to have kicked off today because a little bit of the best television show of recent times, Frozen Planet, was filmed in a German Zoo. The footage of baby polar bears, the likes of which has never been seen before, has pissed off all of about 12 journalists and no […]

Black Mirror December 12th, 2011

I’ve been to see my tiny nan today. I usually come away with some sort of brilliant tale or insight after seeing my nan, who is still oh so very sharp in her old age. Today’s was a brilliant story of a neighbour of hers who rather sadly suffers from severe dementia. This lady suddenly […]

Euros, Set-Up Tips & Hip Hop Facts December 9th, 2011

Lots of things to say today after a missed blog yesterday due to having lunch with a friend that lasted about an hour and a half longer than expected. Not a bad thing and much fun chat, evil plans and sausage sandwiches were had, but upon leaving I bought myself Arkham City for the Xbox […]

First Time Liars November 21st, 2011

Today Cameron and Clegg announced that they will be backing 95% mortgages for first time buyers again. This news doesn’t mean a lot to me being self employed. I’ve already spent over 3 hours today trying to sort out car insurance I can afford to pay for, while still being able to eat every month, […]

Ranty Rant Rant November 12th, 2011

I’m a whole bundle of vexed this morning. Not sure what a bundle of vexed would be like but I suspect it to be like the creature in Brett Easton Ellis’ Lunar Park. If haven’t read that, imagine Gnasher trying to eat himself. That’s probably about right. Why such rage oh Tiernan? Well blogees, let […]

Student Protest / Eurover Your Head November 9th, 2011

I should be on the student march today. I’ve spent weeks telling students at gigs to go on it, I’ve tweeted about it, FB’d about it and blogged about it, totally and utterly support it and so, all in all, I should be there. Except I’m not. I’m at home, in my pyjamas, feeling full […]

NHS / Bits On The Side October 12th, 2011

MORE NHS Right, look I know I’ve been going on about this every single day for the last week, but its a subject quite close to my heart. If I had any problems with that heart it would be even closer. The NHS bill may get passed today. I’m honestly not sure to what extent, […]

Living In A Shell September 14th, 2011

When there is a snail comfortably living under your sofa, I think its an indication that you need to clean the flat. It looked throughly upset to be disturbed, retreating into its shell with a look that almost conveyed dismay at the noise the hoover was causing and the upset and waking him up from […]