Children’s Media Conference May 26th, 2022

Excited to be hosting one the Commissioner Conversations panels again at The Children’s Media Conference in Sheffield in July. I wrote a small preview blog about it that goes all weird at the end. I think my coffee ran out around the last paragraph. Enjoy! Preview – Commissioner Conversations 2022  

APRIL MAIL OUT April 11th, 2022

If you’re not already signed up to it, I do an occasional mail out of things I’m doing where I cleverly disguise the promotion with irreverent typings that make people delete the email before they get to any of the stuff I want them to buy tickets for. Anyway, here is this month’s: APRIL 2022 […]

Cosmic Kids Yoga March 30th, 2022

If your kids use the Cosmic Kids Yoga app, I’m excited to say one of the stories I’ve written for the brilliant Jaime Amor is now on there. It’s about socks who are siblings and the best and worst things about having a brother or sister. Jaime has – as she’s superbly skilled at doing […]

An Update. Sort Of. March 6th, 2022

Hello! This is just an update for the five or so people who look at this site, but I thought I should put something incase you went over to gig list bit and thought ‘crikey, that’s empty. What on earth is he doing?’ Well, er, not gigging. Much anyway. And that’s for a number of […]

The Comedians Paradise January 10th, 2022

I waffled on at Marvin McCarthy for his Comedians Paradise podcast if you fancy a listen:  

Curiously Drawn Podcast December 15th, 2021

I got to guest on the very funny Gabby Hutchinson’s new podcast all about the cartoons you fancied. I make one comment at the end that I am still mortified about. Enjoy!

Minister for Cheery Pessimism November 8th, 2021

Very excited to announce that I’ve been given a peerage and I didn’t even have to pay £3m for it. The Official Monster Raving Loony Party have made me a Minister for Cheery Pessimism and I couldn’t be miserably happier about it. Here’s the official page: https://www.loonyparty.com/0218/7671/our-new-minister-for-cheery-pessimism/

Super Great Kids Stories November 5th, 2021

I’ve adapted and recorded another children’s story for the very popular Supergreat Kids’ Stories podcast. My last one has had over 15,000 listens, which is nice. This one is a Native American tale about a bear who stole the wind, and is nicely wintery. It’s aimed at 4-5 year olds. Get your small people to […]

Scream Street: How To Be A Comedian October 19th, 2021

Just in time for Halloween, Comedy Club 4 Kids have done a collaboration with the new series of Scream Street on CBBC and BBC iPlayer. Which means, among other things, I’ve written and hosted 4 videos teaching kids how to do stand up, replete with loads of ace clips of Scream Street S2. You can […]

ORB October 7th, 2021

Nice to have my name attached to this new animation project from Premise Pictures. Its an environmentally focused action comedy with a truly ace bunch of horseshoe crabs:   https://kidscreen.com/2021/10/06/premise-pictures-reveals-first-slate/