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It’s not often I want to kick myself for failing to do something anymore. I’ve do a job I like and in which I mostly dictate what I do with it. I learned ages ago not to regret not doing things I don’t like doing anyway and so have spent many happy years now not […]

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Here we are at the last day of 2011. As some people would say, its been a year of ups and downs. I agree with this. I’ve been up some hills, particularly over August in Edinburgh, and I’ve also been down the same hills in order to get back to where I lived. I’ve been […]

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I have a feeling the next few days of blogs are going to be on the same theme, so I have pre-empted this by calling today’s blog ‘pt 1’, which also allows me to be far less imaginative on the title front. But let’s skip past my creative laziness and move to the hard stuff. […]

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I wrote this blog earlier today, but wi-fi let me down by being less omnipresent than I always assume it is. As far as I’m concerned, wi-fi is the closest real thing that acts like the idea of God as possible. It is many places, it provides an incredible wealth of services and it somehow […]

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