UK General Election 2015: Why you should for…2. The Labour Party April 14th, 2015

Often, whenever I’ve criticised the Conservatives online, some idiot has responded with ‘Well what about Labour though?’ Usually using far too many capital letters and a lack of understanding that it is possible to be disillusioned by all parties at once. To prove I’m not one to pick sides, and as Labour have finally launched […]

Twitriol October 22nd, 2011

My routine in the morning, generally, is to wake up and before I do anything else, check my phone for any overnight correspondence. I realise this is quite sad. Some of you probably have a cup of tea first or use the loo, but in today’s day and age where I may as well have […]

Labour, Curry & Monkeyshine September 26th, 2011

So, er, there was meant to be a blog yesterday. I was going to type up about my weekend in the West County, the incredible high tea I had at Bath Bun in Bath, and many many other exciting tales from the Douieb’s travels. But, er, then I had an all you can eat curry […]