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I find it hugely depressing that Labour aren’t top of the public opinion polls by a long stretch in the UK at the moment. I’m not surprised at all. I have no hope in them, or any intention of voting for them at all. But it’s still saddening, because they should be. It’s exactly one year […]

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This post was meant to be on the Huffington Post this week, but er, legally, cos of the things it says in it. So, knowing full well it contains libel and probably slander, here it is, in full form. Enjoy! btw it was written on Sunday so sorry if its out of date about anything. […]

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I don’t have to do a thing today. I’m trying my best efforts not to leave the house unless absolutely necessary. Necessary means things like ‘if the house was filled with zombies’, ‘if the house was on fire’ or ‘if the house was filled with fire zombies’, so chances are high I’m going nowhere. The […]

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HSBC has been fined £10.5 million today for conning old people out of investment money. I won’t go into detail as its there in the news story and to be honest the actual detail isn’t what bothers me. What annoys this here Douieb is here is a case of a large multinational bank with billions […]

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The last two days have been a flurry of attempting to write material in time for Old Rope only for me to write only three jokes, all of which will be relevant for a week – one only for a day – before disappearing into the ether along with the news story it represents. There […]

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