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I’m not going to the Edinburgh Fringe this year. If you hadn’t gathered that already or remotely cared then I’m sorry to say you’ll be bombarded by various blogs I’ve written for various websites all detailing why. Essentially, in a series of different words, they all amount to the same reasons: it costs too much […]

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I have already had one of those moments today where I’ve scowled at my own needs overriding my viewpoints on society. I am in full support of Wikipedia’s blackout against the US’s SOPA law which will affect internet freedom across the globe, but at the same time, I’ve tried to find a two things out […]

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I’m in a perpetual state of fug today. You can go for days not having enough sleep and feeling tired and then one day, like today, have too much sleep and feel tired. Is this just how its meant to be from now on? Trying desperately to work out the exact right amount of sleep […]

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Our flat is ready for Christmas. No I don’t mean that all our valuables are hidden as we’re more likely to get burgled now than ever despite our frequency for such occurrences. What I mean is it is now adorned with a veritable hamper of pound shop’s worth of pound shop Christmas decorations and some […]

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I am a grumpy old man. Here’s proof:   TRYING TIMES Of all the days I’ve chosen to drive to Wales (I say chosen, but there is a Comedy Club 4 Kids gig there that needs hosting and whilst I may have had some part in choosing the date, I can’t take all the blame) […]

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I was going to try my best today to write about something other than Andrew Lansley and the NHS but its very difficult. I hate very much that such a loathsome man has taken over not only this week’s blogs but generally much of my thinking for the past week. It’s reached such an extent […]

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When there is a snail comfortably living under your sofa, I think its an indication that you need to clean the flat. It looked throughly upset to be disturbed, retreating into its shell with a look that almost conveyed dismay at the noise the hoover was causing and the upset and waking him up from […]

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