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I was chuffed to be asked to write a piece for the brilliant lexicon of stories that is Left Cultures. Its full of pieces by left wing writers, musicians, lecturers, activists and more on what piece of culture inspired their left wing politics and ideology, with beautiful artworks created alongside them by a bevvy of […]

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Back in January of 2014 my girlfriend and I visited Reykjavik. At the time, the mayor was Jon Gnarr, a former comedian, who set up The Best Party as a response to the anger and exhaustion Icelandic people had of their current, post crash, political parties. Gnarr’s party jokingly promised to be ‘openly corrupt’ as […]

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A couple of weeks ago I posted this: https://www.tiernandouieb.co.uk/2016/03/partly-big-society/ A few people read it and said they liked it. Mark Thomas very kindly sent it out to his followers on Twitter too which gave it about 400 views and the podcast where I talked about it had over 1200 listens. Which is all great. And as […]

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It might be just me, and the amount I’m reading and watching the news at the moment, but things feel a bit despairingly bleak right now. In terms of politics I mean, and the future of the UK and world. I’m writing this just before today’s latest probably cut filled budget is announced, homelessness has […]

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Today I had the pleasure of being that expert on the news that has no idea what they’re talking about. You know the one? They’re asked all sorts of serious questions and they squirm slightly over a video link, and repeat themselves fifteen times while trying not to sweat profusely? Well, I played the role […]

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Nine days ago I was standing in line at the Hiroshima Memorial Park Museum, looking at the remnants of a tricycle of a small three year boy who’d been outside when the atomic bomb was dropped on August 5th at 8.15am. His father found the barely alive child clutching the handlebars and trapped under the rubble […]

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I went on the anti-austerity demonstration yesterday through London and have consequently spent today not doing all that much at all. I did about 14,000 steps according to the hugely unreliable counter on my phone that I base most of dietary and exercise requirements on and will probably someday regret. Until then I’ll continue to […]

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Before you continue, I should warn you that this blog is nothing more than a moan. Not a sexy one either, or a nicely spooky one that comes from your cupboard when no one’s in and means you go to sleep later than you planned. No, no, this is a bog standard argh-something-else-that-drives-me-up-the-wall-more-than-Spider-Man’s-car-which-in-itself-annoyed-me-as-it-was-created-solely-for-merchandise-purposes moan. The […]

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I’ve made a small promise to myself to stop having opinions on things the second I read about them. I honestly feel like one of our current biggest problems in society is a snap reaction that isn’t processed, dwelled on, and thought about carefully before we spew more vile into the endless sick puddle of […]

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Having already written about The Conservative Party, The Labour Party, and the other possible kingmaker parties, I was going to write a blog about all the other itty bitty parties and independent candidates that are running in the election. But it turns out, there are 426 of those in Great Britain alone, with a further 36 in Northern […]

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