EVERYTHING WRITTEN BY: Tiernan Douieb A Rich Comic Life March 9th, 2021 by

Had a great time chatting to Rich for his video blog about all things comedy. Check it out.

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I talked with professional speaker John Ball for his podcast, all about well, speaking to people and that sort of thing. Have a listen: https://speakingofinfluence.buzzsprout.com/676739/8013185-speaking-of-satire-with-tiernan-douieb

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I am really chuffed to have been added to the roster of storytellers on the very, very popular & very lovely Super Great Kids Stories podcast. My first story for them is out now and is the Norse tale of how Loki tricked Thrym The Frost Giant. Get your kids to listen at: https://pod.fo/e/b6aa9

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In a move that has surprised even me, I wrote a piece for Men’s Fitness Magazine. Yes really. It’s about the joy of not running (but only after you’ve been for a run, obviously). Do have a read if you like: Comedian Tiernan Douieb On The Joy Of Not Running

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I got to chat to the brilliant Sarah Fox for her Do Good and Do Well podcast all about confidence and what to do when you feel like giving up on your creative work. Have a listen and check out the other episodes too as they’ve all been fascinating so far.

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An interview I did with the Cardiff Comedy Hub’s Weird Nucleus blog last week. I answered many questions, some silly, some not. Have a read: https://www.theweirdnucleus.com/post/tiernan-douieb

TAGGED WITH: CATEGORISED BY:News Christmas Comedy Club 4 Kids Message December 22nd, 2020 by

A little Christmas message from me and Comedy Club 4 Kids for any children who might be feeling like this year isn’t the usual festive fare. Please show the small people in your life.

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Are you a T1 diabetic and based in the South West, or well, anywhere? Then come take part in this Diabetes UK online event I’m doing where we’ll all be chatting about being terrible at diabetes and eating and things like that. Here’s an article about it and the registration link is at the end: […]

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I’ve written another blog for WorkingDads.co.uk about podcasting and sausages. The headline plus picture looks suspicious which I entirely blame the editor James Miller for. Have a read at: https://www.workingdads.co.uk/daughter-working-dads-something-love/ 

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Had a lot of fun recording the first episode of Vix Leyton’s very fun podcast Comedy Arcade with Thom Tuck and Esyllt Sears. You can have a listen here and I’ll be in a future episode too!

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