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I talked with professional speaker John Ball for his podcast, all about well, speaking to people and that sort of thing. Have a listen: https://speakingofinfluence.buzzsprout.com/676739/8013185-speaking-of-satire-with-tiernan-douieb

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It might be just me, and the amount I’m reading and watching the news at the moment, but things feel a bit despairingly bleak right now. In terms of politics I mean, and the future of the UK and world. I’m writing this just before today’s latest probably cut filled budget is announced, homelessness has […]

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President Trump flicked idly through an Encyclopedia Britannica. He couldn’t pronounce the title, but he liked all the pictures and without this book that he found on the shelves of the White House, he would’ve known about so many other terrible things that existed in the world. As a result it was the only book he […]

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Today I had the pleasure of being that expert on the news that has no idea what they’re talking about. You know the one? They’re asked all sorts of serious questions and they squirm slightly over a video link, and repeat themselves fifteen times while trying not to sweat profusely? Well, I played the role […]

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‘How dare all these refugees want to come over here and escape their terrifying war torn situations? I’ve been watching the reports on the news and I am disgusted that we are even beginning to let any of these other human beings shore up in the UK, instead of pushing them into the sea or […]

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With only a few weeks till the UK general election, I thought it might be useful to do a series of, ahem, partisan blogs explaining exactly why you might want to vote for each party. If you’d like a more sensible view do check out Rick Edwards’ excellent new book ‘None Of The Above‘ which […]

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I watched the ‘Battle For Number 10’ television debate this morning. I’ve recently discovered that if I watch political debate programs while on our exercise bike then I seem to pedal much harder out of sheer frustration for the entire affair. When attempting to fix my life and get healthier for the umpteenth time in […]

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A new ‘satirical’ television show has been announced today. I won’t mention its name and I haven’t seen it yet, so can’t really judge it as such. However in the selling points for said show, it states that it will feature ‘biting satire’ such as ‘David Cameron and Nick Clegg battling it out on the […]

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