My routine in the morning, generally, is to wake up and before I do anything else, check my phone for any overnight correspondence. I realise this is quite sad. Some of you probably have a cup of tea first or use the loo, but in today’s day and age where I may as well have my phone surgically attached to my face (I’d have it on my left cheek if you’re curious) it’s one of the first things in my brain on my to do list for the day. Often I’ll have a series of mixed rubbish, occasionally some nice messages, sometimes a few troll spam things, some dull Facebook events and an email about an event I don’t want to go to. Today however, I received this message from @KSteelePTech:

‘What a wanker you are’.

This wasn’t quite what I was expecting. I did a tweet last night concerning Derren Brown’s show about hypnotising an assassination of Stephen Fry, where I perhaps wasn’t too nice to the celebrity in question and I assumed maybe it was a backlash of that. But checking what it was in reply to, it appeared that actually he was more upset with this tweet I had sent:

@TiernanDouieb Now this has been proven to work I say we all give @DerrenBrown£1 and get Cameron killed. Plan?

Searching through this man’s previous replies to people he seemed to spend a long time telling Ed Balls he was a dick and spouting about how George Osbourne was wrong. It amazes me the vitriol people can have on twitter, and what amazes me more is that those who choose to go out of their way to write something nasty about people’s freedom of speech are nearly always supporters of the Conservative Party or another right wing faction. I never see anyone from the Green Party going round Twitter lambasting anyone who says they’ve driven anywhere. It just doesn’t happen. Sadly it just goes to show that the people who’s mindset is to support a party who’s policies are often to the detriment of others are ignorant themselves and very happy to have double standards on the idea of free speech. I don’t sit around finding everyone who’s supporting David Cameron on Twitter and sending them a message to say how wrong their beliefs are. Though I’m starting to think I should.

I wanted to reply to him about how he obviously never has to use the NHS and neither do any members of his family or their friends. I wanted to question if he gives a shit about disabled people and their rights, or the amount of youth that are unemployed in the country and if he has any offspring and why he wouldn’t be worried about their futures. I could have ranted about how the UK deficit is much lower than many other Western countries and how this is all a scam to implement regimes that are just destroying the country’s economy further while a few will triumph with further wealth. And then I wanted to ask him if he really believed that me calling Cameron a wanker was unjust and more importantly when exactly did I lose my right to express an opinion on anyone or anything when I live in a country where freedom of speech is supposedly a given.

I didn’t though as I couldn’t fit that in a tweet. Instead I blocked him as spam and I hope its ruined his day.


Oh on a different note, I was on CBBC’s The Slammer yesterday. You can see it here: