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I went on the anti-austerity demonstration yesterday through London and have consequently spent today not doing all that much at all. I did about 14,000 steps according to the hugely unreliable counter on my phone that I base most of dietary and exercise requirements on and will probably someday regret. Until then I’ll continue to […]

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It’s not often I want to kick myself for failing to do something anymore. I’ve do a job I like and in which I mostly dictate what I do with it. I learned ages ago not to regret not doing things I don’t like doing anyway and so have spent many happy years now not […]

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It’s only as an adult that I realise again and again how naive films and television have made me throughout my life. Stories always showed someone who was good and fought the good cause against someone who is definitely, undeniably evil. Even in cases like Star Wars where Darth Vader (SPOILER ALERT, though seriously, how […]

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Today is, according to an energy drinks company, Blue Monday. Usually, thanks to Sky Travel creating the notion of the most depressing day of the year, its a few weeks from now when the faded memories of Christmas combine with the stark misery of January, but this year, it’s earlier. It could be that Upbeat […]

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