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In a move that has surprised even me, I wrote a piece for Men’s Fitness Magazine. Yes really. It’s about the joy of not running (but only after you’ve been for a run, obviously). Do have a read if you like: Comedian Tiernan Douieb On The Joy Of Not Running

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I’ve written another blog for WorkingDads.co.uk about podcasting and sausages. The headline plus picture looks suspicious which I entirely blame the editor James Miller for. Have a read at: https://www.workingdads.co.uk/daughter-working-dads-something-love/ 

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‘Where do you get your ideas from?’ is one of the most irritating questions you get asked when you do comedy. It’s irritating because it doesn’t have a very good answer. Much like ‘What’s your favourite joke?’ where the answer is ‘I don’t really have one’ or I tell any that made me laugh as […]

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On Friday, backstage at a show, I again had the conversation I’ve had a lot, with comedians. That one about what you’d do if you had to go back to a normal job. And again I pointed out that I just wouldn’t cope with a 9 to 5. The same room everyday, the same people, […]

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