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Today I had the pleasure of being that expert on the news that has no idea what they’re talking about. You know the one? They’re asked all sorts of serious questions and they squirm slightly over a video link, and repeat themselves fifteen times while trying not to sweat profusely? Well, I played the role […]

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I have generally always been for the UK being in the EU. It’s not something that I often thought about but generally being in a unity with other countries on the continent felt like a good thing to me – united we stand and all that. Not only that but somewhat naively I have always […]

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It’s only as an adult that I realise again and again how naive films and television have made me throughout my life. Stories always showed someone who was good and fought the good cause against someone who is definitely, undeniably evil. Even in cases like Star Wars where Darth Vader (SPOILER ALERT, though seriously, how […]

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I have just returned from a casting where I got to eat chocolate. I don’t think I did anything else right, but apparently the way I ate chocolate and looked pleased about myself post doing so was ‘perfect’. I hastened not to inform them that this was not at all acting and merely how I […]

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