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I was chuffed to be asked to write a piece for the brilliant lexicon of stories that is Left Cultures. Its full of pieces by left wing writers, musicians, lecturers, activists and more on what piece of culture inspired their left wing politics and ideology, with beautiful artworks created alongside them by a bevvy of […]

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There is a tad too much to write about today. It seems that 2012 is rife for human error already and today has witnessed Ed Milliband’s amazing twuckup (yes, I’m going to call it that. I know it sounds horrible. Tough), following on Diane Abbott’s Twuckup yesterday. More and more it seems that if you […]

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I’m currently in a fraught state of mind. I am in the flat by myself on Christmas Eve and I’m trying to find anything to do except play Xbox, for fear that without any supervision, nor any work to do whatsoever, I will start only find myself unmoved 12 hours later still making Batman run […]

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Right, wordpress has deleted this post once already today, so it’s possibly too rebellious for it, and they are maybe too worried about letting something onto the internet that may cause a ripple through the system. But fuck it, let’s try again. Mega thanks to @ShaneHudson on Twitter who is a saviour of the blog. […]

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I’ve been slack with blogs of late haven’t I? This past 18 months have had more breaks than a generic British builder doing a generic job for a generic rich person. Probably. Thing is, life is busy, and as well as it being busy, my hand that primarily types this (whilst I pretend to be […]

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