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Before you continue, I should warn you that this blog is nothing more than a moan. Not a sexy one either, or a nicely spooky one that comes from your cupboard when no one’s in and means you go to sleep later than you planned. No, no, this is a bog standard argh-something-else-that-drives-me-up-the-wall-more-than-Spider-Man’s-car-which-in-itself-annoyed-me-as-it-was-created-solely-for-merchandise-purposes moan. The […]

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I re-watched Chris Morris & Charlie Brooker’s Nathan Barley last night, in it’s entirety. It is the limbo period between Christmas and New Year’s after all and really, what else is there to do? The usual Christmas batch of television has been even more dire than usual with endless repeats or at least repeats of […]

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There are times when I think I’ve made some sort of important decision in my life and then almost instantly had a moment of clarity that tells me that really, in the grand scheme of things, it’s all a tad petty. One of these, for example, is a half decision to stop tweeting as much. […]

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