Flight Mode September 12th, 2017

Flying home from Copenhagen on Friday…. yes, I’m starting a blog like that. Yes that is exactly how I want to appear. Like a jet setting international comic who flits around the globe like a mirth explorer, a merchant of hilarity. In reality of course, I did one gig in Sweden which was ok and […]

Broken Winging It September 5th, 2017

I’m not sure when as a kid I got my first inkling that grown ups didn’t know everything. I’ve got a feeling it was when we were on a family trip to the US about 1992ish. Yes that’s a bit vague but my parents would save up each year, for a few years in a […]

Breaking: Everything July 14th, 2016

Back in January of 2014 my girlfriend and I visited Reykjavik. At the time, the mayor was Jon Gnarr, a former comedian, who set up The Best Party as a response to the anger and exhaustion Icelandic people had of their current, post crash, political parties. Gnarr’s party jokingly promised to be ‘openly corrupt’ as […]