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There’s a lot of stuff that leads me to despair on a day-to-day basis. Some of these include the fact that people willingly pay money to go the Ripley’s Believe It Or Not Museum in Piccadilly, the fact that some people genuinely seem to think voting UKIP is a good idea, and the fact that […]

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Ah Halloween, the night where lots of people, completely forgetting the original roots of Samhain celebrating the harvest and ‘dark half’ of the year arriving, all dress up as twats to run around pretending that scary things are fun. They aren’t fun. Sure you go ahead and dress up as zombies, having a laugh and […]

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Its probably not hard to imagine that I was one of those kids that was very much into comic books from a very young age. Whilst I was very much into the world of Spiderman and superhero chums, the first books that ever captured my little imagination were Tintin and Asterix. Perhaps something to do […]

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Oh yeah. A blog. I was meant to do one of these hours ago, but what with old Gaddifi popping his clogs, and then a meeting where I had two coffees that seemed to have contained more caffeine than someone who works in media after bathing in coffee, my brain is floating somewhere in a […]

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