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Ah Halloween, the night where lots of people, completely forgetting the original roots of Samhain celebrating the harvest and ‘dark half’ of the year arriving, all dress up as twats to run around pretending that scary things are fun. They aren’t fun. Sure you go ahead and dress up as zombies, having a laugh and […]

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I am in sunny, sunny Galway in sunny, sunny Ireland. By sunny I mean grey and pissing down with rain. Its odd how somewhere can still look so pretty when covered by dark clouds, but everytime I’ve visited Galway it feels as though it could be singing that dire Travis song out aloud, and yet […]

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So the laws of Royal succession have changed meaning that sons and daughters of any future monarchs will now have equal right to the throne. A big step for equality? Yes I suppose so. I mean, it seems bananas that that wasn’t the case anyway, but I suppose in the true tradition of me not […]

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