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This weekend I did a spot at one of my favourite smaller gigs in London. It’s one of those clubs that’s been run by the same people since way before I was even considering a comedy career, and has been home to many special nights of mirth from usual club nights to one-offs and previews. […]

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It’s not often I’ll pat myself on the back about anything, and this is not just due to having incredibly inflexible limbs. Nor am I one to blow my own trumpet, and that’s not just because I neither own a trumpet or have any musical skills at all. But it’s 3 days since the Phoenix […]

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I’m not going to the Edinburgh Fringe this year. If you hadn’t gathered that already or remotely cared then I’m sorry to say you’ll be bombarded by various blogs I’ve written for various websites all detailing why. Essentially, in a series of different words, they all amount to the same reasons: it costs too much […]

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