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It is one thing buying a huge half wheel of Stilton on account of it being on offer, but it is another thing entirely to actually eat the entire thing. Since purchasing this blue creamy beast several days ago, it has been crumbled and melted into all sorts of meals in a poor attempt to […]

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I should be on the student march today. I’ve spent weeks telling students at gigs to go on it, I’ve tweeted about it, FB’d about it and blogged about it, totally and utterly support it and so, all in all, I should be there. Except I’m not. I’m at home, in my pyjamas, feeling full […]

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Less a blog today, more a small collection of things of which I wish to inform you. Serious one first: NHS REFORM BILL The NHS reform bill is currently being debated by the House of Lords and with the assumption that it will get passed in some format whether we like it or not, this […]

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Sometimes its very easy to get disheartened with comedy and the world in general. Yesterday was one of those days that fully reaffirmed my faith in both. The Block The Bill, Block The Bridge demonstration yesterday, as organised by UK Uncut was a lovely sunny afternoon of very civil disobedience and one of the nicest […]

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A very short blog today as I’m off to this: BLOCK THE BRIDGE Which is one of the most important protests you could possibly attend. I’m meant to be doing stand-up there today but I’m really struggling to find humour in the notion of the NHS being destroyed in place of a privatised system that […]

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I have accidentally made too much popcorn. Unpopped corn appears to be one of those unquantifiable solids in the universe. Sure I’ve got to ‘put enough kernels to cover the bottom of the pan’ but we all know that’s never enough, but as soon as you add even one more kernel than that to the […]

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