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I’ve not had any time to write a blog in a little while despite having a lot of thoughts about things. That is, things I feel I should impose on anyone who really has nothing better to do with their time than read my occasional blogs, rather than just things. I’ve had lots of thoughts […]

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I hope that scientists never work out what it is about certain types of music that can just hit your emotions full on. It’s one of the true magic moments in life where you will hear a particular series of notes and feel a rush of elation or an instant swelling of your tear ducts. […]

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There are very few people in the world who make me feel a bit like a nervous idiot fan. Most of them are music based, generally because if you put me near an instrument, I’ll spend 5 minutes trying to work out how I’d hit someone with it, 5 minutes trying to blow into it, […]

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I’ve been to see my tiny nan today. I usually come away with some sort of brilliant tale or insight after seeing my nan, who is still oh so very sharp in her old age. Today’s was a brilliant story of a neighbour of hers who rather sadly suffers from severe dementia. This lady suddenly […]

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It has dawned on me that this is the 1005th blog that I’ve written since the end of 2008. Quite a number, and more impressive when I realise just how much shit I’ve typed away meaninglessly for free on the inter webs. I doubt any of you have read all 1005, but if you have, […]

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I had themes for today’s blog. They’d been swimming around in my head most of yesterday and I held onto them tightly in the brain storage facility for further use today. Today, I had thought, was going to be one of those blogs people will talk about for centuries to come. Or at least a […]

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