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I was asked to write a 500 word opinion piece for Broadcast magazine on the announcement that two production companies – Avalon and Hat Trick – wanted to buy BBC3. They aren’t and BBC have announced they wouldn’t let that happen, thankfully. But if you don’t subscribe to Broadcast, like me*, then here’s the piece: […]

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I’ve been trying to write some material on the horrible Paris attack last week since it happened. As with all my material I didn’t want to write something that vilifies the victims of the attack or to blame anyone other than the killers or to demonise satire or to not say this or definitely say that. […]

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According to much of the press reports on the situation in the Ukraine, World War Three is looming. Or another Cold War, depending on what you read. Russia is refusing to back out of Crimea and as a result breaking tons of UN sanctions and the Budapest Memorandum of Security Assurances. As I type this, […]

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FROZEN PLANET The press seemed to have kicked off today because a little bit of the best television show of recent times, Frozen Planet, was filmed in a German Zoo. The footage of baby polar bears, the likes of which has never been seen before, has pissed off all of about 12 journalists and no […]

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