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I’ve now been home from the Edinburgh Fringe for 3 days, and I’m still in the usual need for recovery. Yesterday I accidentally napped for 3 hours without meaning to. Does that still fit into nap criteria? 3 hours doesn’t feel long enough for a sleep but it’s definitely way more than a nap. Is […]

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It occurred to me while tucking into some toast off the A1 near Berwick on Tweed, that I’ve been doing stand-up comedy for 14 years this year. Not sure why it hit me at that moment but it was probably a combination of me feeling relief that I was finally on my way home from […]

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Robin Ince had a bit in his stand-set recently about giving up reading newspapers and instead reading a book or looking at your favourite bit of art for a while. I’ve thought about this a lot, as the news has swept everyone up in its hysteria over the past year more so than ever before. […]

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I’m taking part in a radio show tonight. It’s one of those ones where they discuss topical issues, people call in who have often read a news headline and like shouting it over and over again until someone responds, and they have a guest comedian hoping they might say something funny here and there. Tonight, […]

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I remember hearing Robin Ince once do a bit of material about how the problem with going abroad is often it makes you realise how many things are wrong with the country you come from. I’m currently in Norway and this is one of the few countries that does exactly that for me. Even with […]

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It’s not often I’ll pat myself on the back about anything, and this is not just due to having incredibly inflexible limbs. Nor am I one to blow my own trumpet, and that’s not just because I neither own a trumpet or have any musical skills at all. But it’s 3 days since the Phoenix […]

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