How Dare They?

‘How dare all these refugees want to come over here and escape their terrifying war torn situations? I’ve been watching the reports on the news and I am disgusted that we are even beginning to let any of these other human beings shore up in the UK, instead of pushing them into the sea or letting them stay in their home country where they’d likely be killed just for being alive. How dare they think that just because the rest of the world is doing nothing to quell the endless violence in Syria, or refuses to stop the arms trade industry supplying both sides of a horrific civil war that’s ended in the deaths of many innocent people, that they can just mosey over to another part of the same earth and expect other denizens of the same species to care about them?

It’s as though they think people here are nice, or that it’s a decent place to live that makes me sick. That’s if they even have time to care about how we live our humble lives considering whether we should watch the new X-Factor or the new Strictly on a Saturday night, while they selfishly just aim to stay alive and look after their families. Yes I will call them ‘migrants’ rather than ‘refugees’ or ‘humans’, as they don’t deserve those labels having such inhumane thoughts as wanting to care for their loved ones or being so afraid of death they will flee to wherever they can. Disgusting behaviour if you ask me. I’d like to think that were this country ever run by a despot, or under threat from warring factions, that I’d do the right thing and just stand still until someone killed me, so as not to upset or offend anyone else whatsoever. With me dead, my family would probably want to die anyway as I’m not sure how they’d cope without my grumbles that the postbox is on an inconvenient side of the road, or how irritating it is not having change for the toll bridge.

It is beyond me that these immigrants don’t seem to understand that apart from all the mansions and luxury flats that are completely empty due to the owners living abroad and only buying for investment, apart from all the vast swathes of land that is owned by those who have been handed it generation after generation through heritage, apart from all the second and third homes owned by MPs, that this country is full!?!? Britain is our country and we must take it back, just not from all the private billionaires that actually own parts of it. No, we must take it back from all these refugees who we’re not actually letting in many of compared to other countries, who’d actually like their own country back when it’s actually been taken over by terrifying soldiers. Actually.

How dare they expect us to care for other human beings when, after voting in a government who thrives on widespread uncaring attitudes, where the political climate focuses on wealth rather than empathy for others or the actual matters of life and death, where we are more concerned with which celebrity will be on which vacuous programme that ultimately has no real consequence in the universe than saving the planet from global disaster? We can’t, and I for one won’t. Turn them all away I say, and should the time ever come, which I can safely say it won’t due to my first world privileged existence, then I hope they’d do the same for me if they aren’t already dead by then.’

Yours, A Bigot


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