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I watched the ‘Battle For Number 10’ television debate this morning. I’ve recently discovered that if I watch political debate programs while on our exercise bike then I seem to pedal much harder out of sheer frustration for the entire affair. When attempting to fix my life and get healthier for the umpteenth time in […]

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Here’s an unpopular opinion for you: I like Russell Brand. It’s the sort of statement that may well make you stop reading this blog now and I wouldn’t blame you. This opinion¬†would probably have me shunned amongst the literati online at the moment. Brand appears to have been the general punching bag for many this […]

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It’s not often I want to kick myself for failing to do something anymore. I’ve do a job I like and in which I mostly dictate what I do with it. I learned ages ago not to regret not doing things I don’t like doing anyway and so have spent many happy years now not […]

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BIOMECHANICS Having a biomechanics appointment sounds awesome. I’d had an orthotics one, but never a ‘biomechanics’, which sounds a great deal more exciting. I mean that properly sounds like ‘we will rebuild you Steve Austin’ type of thing and as I went to the little clinic yesterday afternoon I was more than 99% sure I’d […]

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