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‘How dare all these refugees want to come over here and escape their terrifying war torn situations? I’ve been watching the reports on the news and I am disgusted that we are even beginning to let any of these other human beings shore up in the UK, instead of pushing them into the sea or […]

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On Saturday, my car went on fire. I’m sure that’s not the correct way of putting it, but that is what it did. Or more accurately, after two years of constantly causing me troubles, it committed its own viking funeral. No one was hurt and I didn’t need the services of car wreck lawyers, thank […]

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According to much of the press reports on the situation in the Ukraine, World War Three is looming. Or another Cold War, depending on what you read. Russia is refusing to back out of Crimea and as a result breaking tons of UN sanctions and the Budapest Memorandum of Security Assurances. As I type this, […]

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