Comedy Arcade Podcast October 16th, 2020

Had a lot of fun recording the first episode of Vix Leyton’s very fun podcast Comedy Arcade with Thom Tuck and Esyllt Sears. You can have a listen here and I’ll be in a future episode too!

Partly Political Broadcast returns! September 1st, 2020

The podcast has returned after its short summer break. First ep back is gags on all the politics of the past few weeks, plus a chat with assistant headteacher and former DfE advisor Caroline Spalding about the schools returning. Have a listen, share and subscribe at this here link: https://www.podfollow.com/partly-political-broadcast

The Dinner Party Podcast August 7th, 2020

I had a lot of fun talking to Conor McReynolds for his Dinner Party podcast & talking about my ideal 5 guests. Do have a listen

Desert Island Dicks October 4th, 2019

If you’d like to hear me wang on about how much I hate Boris Johnson on someone’s else podcast rather than my own for once, I guested on the excellent Desert Island Dicks podcast. It was a lot of fun to record. Have a listen here.

My Top Ten July 22nd, 2019

I spoke to Nathan Good for far too long about what I think are the 10 best children’s books that I can read to my daughter without going completely spare. Do have a listen:

5 Political Podcasts to Listen To Before The Election May 30th, 2017

From strong and stable leadership to nationalising the railways, energy firms, and education system, this General Election feels like it’s been a blur of manifesto promises, misleading headlines and half-baked TV debates. If you’re fed up of the noise, unclear on the facts, and still undecided on which party will get your vote come 8th June, we’ve […]