The Food Of Love December 23rd, 2014

I’ve not had any time to write a blog in a little while despite having a lot of thoughts about things. That is, things I feel I should impose on anyone who really has nothing better to do with their time than read my occasional blogs, rather than just things. I’ve had lots of thoughts […]

The Road to Christmas December 23rd, 2011

I know I’ve harped on about this before, but Christmas is the season of goodwill? Really? Are we all sure about that? Its something I hear year in, year out, and yet as I stare out the window looking at the sleek black Lexus that is happily parked on our drive, in my space, under […]

Baby Cheeses December 22nd, 2011

It is one thing buying a huge half wheel of Stilton on account of it being on offer, but it is another thing entirely to actually eat the entire thing. Since purchasing this blue creamy beast several days ago, it has been crumbled and melted into all sorts of meals in a poor attempt to […]

Its All Gravy December 17th, 2011

I’m in a hotel room in Leeds. This is the sort of glamorous life a comedian has. Only a week till Christmas and I’m residing in a place that smells of gravy almost 24/7 and has ‘Christmas parties’ that seem to go on at full volume until the early hours with no care whatsoever for […]

Season-Hell Greetings December 7th, 2011

Our flat is ready for Christmas. No I don’t mean that all our valuables are hidden as we’re more likely to get burgled now than ever despite our frequency for such occurrences. What I mean is it is now adorned with a veritable hamper of pound shop’s worth of pound shop Christmas decorations and some […]

Season To Be Jolly December 4th, 2011

Today was the first day of playing James Brown’s Funky Christmas and so now I can officially say I feel festive. Four days into my Captain America advent calendar that in no way attempts to honour the Marvel heroes attributes with its chocolate shapes – no he wasn’t a choir boy, no he doesn’t fight […]