First Gig, Worst Gig – Kids Comedy Special May 15th, 2020

It’s a FGWG special this week as we look at surely the most terrifying types of gigs: shows for kids. Yes, you may picture total bedlam, like staging classical music for cats, but some acts are absolutely ace at it, such as our old pal Tiernan Douieb. He’s the likeable face/brain of Comedy Club 4 […]

MORE LOCKDOWN THINGS! April 25th, 2020

Hello, as a quick follow up to THIS POST here’s a quick update of more things I’ve been making to keep you all entertained during lockdown dull times. KIDS THINGS We’ve been doing online Comedy Club 4 Kids shows via NextUpComedy‘s streaming platform Next Up Now. The first two are still up online and we’ll […]

No Joke: The Scientific Tricks To Making A Child Laugh September 27th, 2019

Watching your child’s sense of humour develop is one of the most rewarding bits of parenting. Seeing your kid in fits of giggles and witnessing the cogs turning as they try to be funny themselves – even in the most rudimentary of ways, like declaring they are their teddy bear and their teddy bear is them […]

Comedy Club 4 Kids Podcast June 27th, 2019

Yes another podcast, but this time, it’s a bit different to the usually sweary, poltical, ranty ones I normally do. This one is for everyone aged 6-99 as its the Comedy Club 4 Kids podcast ‘Radio Nonsense’. If you have kids please get them to listen to the trailer and send in their suggestions as […]

Gove Hates Fads* May 10th, 2013

You know that Michael Gove? Yeah you know the one. Inexplicably tiny head, an entire demeanour that seems far too much like a ventriloquist dummy has been brought alive via a curse, and eyes that have a roaring fire of arrogance behind them? Yes that one. The one whose only experience of education was going […]

Shit In A Bag April 3rd, 2012

On Sunday, after returning to my car with L and the very funny Tom Webb, we discovered, lying by the side of the car park, a shit in a bag. The afternoon, up until that point, had been rather nice. A brilliant Comedy Club 4 Kids gig in the North Pier theatre in Blackpool, a […]

Not In Their League March 11th, 2012

There are very few people in the world who make me feel a bit like a nervous idiot fan. Most of them are music based, generally because if you put me near an instrument, I’ll spend 5 minutes trying to work out how I’d hit someone with it, 5 minutes trying to blow into it, […]

Who’s Way? Galway October 30th, 2011

I am in sunny, sunny Galway in sunny, sunny Ireland. By sunny I mean grey and pissing down with rain. Its odd how somewhere can still look so pretty when covered by dark clouds, but everytime I’ve visited Galway it feels as though it could be singing that dire Travis song out aloud, and yet […]

Accidental Consort October 16th, 2011

I had themes for today’s blog. They’d been swimming around in my head most of yesterday and I held onto them tightly in the brain storage facility for further use today. Today, I had thought, was going to be one of those blogs people will talk about for centuries to come. Or at least a […]

Grumpy Old Man October 15th, 2011

I am a grumpy old man. Here’s proof:   TRYING TIMES Of all the days I’ve chosen to drive to Wales (I say chosen, but there is a Comedy Club 4 Kids gig there that needs hosting and whilst I may have had some part in choosing the date, I can’t take all the blame) […]