28 Years Later

Certain flyers can be misleading. Tiernan Doueb’s flyer is a case in point and while it may seem like you are going to see a show based around zombies the truth is that 28 Years later is merely spattered in zombie references.

Or, if you prefer, adheres loosely to the theme of zombies. The show’s title is both a parody of the film 28 Days Later in keeping with the zombie theme but also Tiernan’s age.

While the show mostly centres on the fact that Tiernan is a man-child it does so effectively and without recourse to puerile and immature humour, it is, in fact, often quite intelligent and insightful. He is clearly a natural comic and picks his subjects well, from not being able to give his girlfriend negative equity as an engagement ring to the paradoxical benefits of type 1 diabetes.

Tiernan enlightens the audience to why he can’t seem to act like a grown up.

A lot of his observances rotate around his small stature, beard problems and girlfriend, all told in his energetic style.

Altogether the show makes for uplifting comedy which describes a state of mind that lots of men can relate to in this day and age. Highly inoffensive to the point of being a little luke-warm and proof that being an inherently funny person doesn’t always make for amazing comedy, 28 Years Later is a pleasant way to while away an hour.