Five Reasons to See Tiernan Douieb: 28 Years Later August 25th, 2009

Tiernan Douieb is a stand-up comedian whose Edinburgh Fringe debut, 28 Years Later, is about adulthood, childish imaginings and zombies. Here, Tieran lays out five good – highly amusing – reasons why you shouldn’t miss his one-man offering at the Underbelly. 1) If you don’t, when someone you know who did see it asks you […]

28 Years Later August 23rd, 2009

Tiernan Douieb’s promotional literature features himself surrounded by zombies. It looks almost as if, although scared, he is readying himself to reason with the undead, to win them over with some sly observation and a wink. He is vulnerable, set upon by unknown assailants. Any impression of vulnerability is, however, misplaced, as 28 Years Later […]

28 Years Later August 15th, 2009

Tiernan Douieb is 28 and he’s wrestling with a few things in his head right now. If you’ve been 28 or you are 28 then you’ll probably have some idea of the kind of things he’s mentally wrestling with. If you’re almost approaching your thirties and you haven’t achieved much yet and don’t quite know […]

28 Years Later August 14th, 2009

Certain flyers can be misleading. Tiernan Doueb’s flyer is a case in point and while it may seem like you are going to see a show based around zombies the truth is that 28 Years later is merely spattered in zombie references. Or, if you prefer, adheres loosely to the theme of zombies. The show’s […]

28 Years Later August 13th, 2009

Tiernan Douieb is struggling to come to terms with turning 28. In his new show, he highlights the problems he associates with approaching this apparently old age, whilst still remaining ambition-free, penniless and immature. Douieb addresses the audience with an infective enthusiasm – he is instantly likeable and his anecdotes are amusing and uplifting. A […]

Pioneering The Wok as a slapstick tool… August 13th, 2009

That his audience are in a soporific state cannot be blamed on this chirpy comic who has to battle a little to keep their afternoon alive. Delhi Belly is not the stuffiest room on the Fringe by any means, but a sunny day outside has had a drowsing effect on the assembled. However, while the […]

The Stage Review August 10th, 2009

Tiernan Douieb is an endearing and good natured performer, and this goes some way to compensate for what is an occasionally pedestrian set. He has recently turned 28 and he uses the show to reflect on what it means to be a grown-up. His girlfriend has goals. She wants to get married and have children, […]

Zombie Survival Guide! August 9th, 2009

28 Years Later August 9th, 2009

At the height of the average British woman, Tiernan Douieb has never grown up physically and his show deals with how his behaviour hasn’t matured much either. Well, that and zombies of course. I would challenge anyone not to warm to Tiernan’s boyish enthusiasm. He has an easy rapport with the audience and his gags […]

Verdict: Feelgood comedy without saccharin August 9th, 2009

Tiernan Douieb (the name is Irish and French Tunisian) springs onto the stage with all the confidence of a seasoned performer sure of his material – and he doesn’t disappoint. He says that the show’s title and the inspiration for the act is prompted by his recent 28th birthday which poses the question of his […]