28 Years Later

Tiernan Douieb is 28 and he’s wrestling with a few things in his head right now. If you’ve been 28 or you are 28 then you’ll probably have some idea of the kind of things he’s mentally wrestling with.

If you’re almost approaching your thirties and you haven’t achieved much yet and don’t quite know where your life is leading, enjoy and good luck.

Douieb is a bit of a zombie fan, hence the poster and show title, so he should be satisfied with the groaning quotient in the room throughout his set. He likes a bit of word play, in fact he revels in it, which makes this stand-up show feel quite traditional in comparison to some other Fringe offerings. There is nothing particularly old-fashioned about Douieb though, he has compered comedy gigs on Twitter… he is a pioneer!

It’s good strong dependable comedy throughout, and Douieb is immensely likeable.
This solo debut promises great things to come.