Who Is Tiernan Douieb?

Tiernan is a stand-up comedian, writer, podcaster, actor, very amateur juggler (he can catch one ball), noodle fan, experienced sigher, and very tired dad.

He has performed all over the world in most of the best comedy clubs and theatres and also several of the worst ones.

Tiernan is the regular host, writer and everything for the Partly Political Broadcast, a comedy politics podcast that was one of The Observer’s Top Ten Political Podcasts of 2018. They didn’t do a chart in 2019 so I think it still counts.

He also co-runs Comedy Club 4 Kids, shouting jokes at other people’s children mainly because his own daughter is a much tougher audience.

Tiernan has written for TV, articles, podcasts, adverts, other comedians and a variety of angry but creative post-it notes on the van parked right outside his flat that’s been there for ages and is doing his head in. He has also done some of that acting, including in C4’s Fresh Meat and a beer commercial for beer that he’s never actually enjoyed.

Once he saw a squirrel eating a cornetto like a human would and that’s probably up there in his top 5 life moments.

Some actual things Tiernan has done:

Some actual things people have said about him:

  • ‘…gets the juxtaposition between heavy context and winning punchlines right when it is most needed‘ – Festmag
  • ‘Opinionated yet likeable’ – The Guardian
  • ‘Very funny but fiercely political’ – Time Out
  • With this fresh style and material he blows so many other Fringe comedians out of the water.Three Weeks
  • Douieb has more than enough energy to go round, and he’s a hugely engaging onstage presence.‘ – British Comedy Guide
  • ‘…a perennial contender for the title of most affable person in comedy‘ – The Scotsman
  • ‘A leftie commie asshole just like Hitler‘ – An NRA member on Twitter
  • ‘Your one of the most unfunniest comedians’ – Someone on Twitter with a picture of Winston Churchill as his avatar and a name consisting mostly of numbers. 
  • ‘Laddish’ – Brian Logan, Guardian

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