Welcome to the website for all things Tiernan Douieb.

Well, not all things. That would take ages and a lot of it would be really boring. None of you need to know how I still haven’t tidied that cupboard I keep saying I’ll do, what my blood type is, the weird 90’s car advert from the radio that is still in my head, or an unnecessarily long story about travelling home from the North East when they closed all the roads I needed to use that ultimately doesn’t have an interesting or enjoyable ending. So none of that is on here.

Instead there’s all my writing work, gigs, podcasts, vids, and even some artwork I did ages ago back when I had time for that sort of thing. Oh and you can join my mailing list which I don’t send out very often, or email me too, if you really desperately want to know what the car advert is.

Or for all things Comedy Club 4 Kids, the comedy club for ages 6+ that I co-run, then get yourself over to www.comedyclub4kids.co.uk

I hope you enjoy your visit, or at the very least, don’t tell anyone if you don’t.



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Looking for the Comedy Club 4 Kids Podcast?