Tiernan is mostly writing at the moment. Literally at this moment, because he’s typing this. But not at the moment you’re reading it. Though he might be, because he’s writing a lot while also being weirded out by typing about himself in the third person. Most of Tiernan’s current writing is for kids’ TV but he’s always keen to still write for grown-ups too.

Recent writing highlights include Hey Duggee, the Bust or Trust podcast and two shows that are in development with Blue Zoo and Turnip+Duck. But for a full list of things he’s scribbled (but on a laptop) have a looksie below:


Development work for new original children’s show ‘Shrewtube’ – Turnip+Duck – (Ongoing)

Scripts for two shows in development – Blue Zoo/Alphablocks – (2023/24)

Hey Duggee – Cbeebies/Studio AKA (2021 – 2024)

The Accessories Badge, S4 – 2022

The Recipe Badge, S4 – 2023


Bust or Trust: A Kids Mystery Podcast – Small Wardour (2022 – Ongoing)

Supergreat Kids Stories Podcast – Wardour Studios (2021 – Ongoing)

Radio Nonsense podcast – Comedy Club 4 Kids (2019 – Ongoing)

Development work – Keyframe Studios – (2022-23)

What If…Animated Explainers – Battlecat Studios/Ladbible (2023)

Lollipop Lil – Pilot script – +3K Studios (2022)

Erase All Kittens – Comic strips – Drumroll HQ (2022)

Cosmic Kids Yoga – Suki and Scott the Socks (2021) and Kenji The Noisy Ninja (2024) – Cosmic Kids (2021)

Scream Street: Screaming With Laughter – Coolabi (2021)

Nesta’s Future Curious podcast – S2 – Nesta (2019)

Frankie Boyle’s New World Order – S3 – BBC/Zeppotron (2019)


And then if you really want to read about EVERYTHING I’ve written (that I can remember) here you go for all the other bits:

Pilot Script for animated pre-school show in development – Inkwinks Productions, 2022

Copywriting for computer game marketing – ICHI, 2022

Stuntfest Trailer concepts – Big Thursday, 2022

Railgrade Trailer concepts – The Trailer Farm, 2022

OKA Furniture Brand campaign – 7aFilms, 2022

Evolution Of A Hot Sauce Addict Campaign – Wiltshire Chilli Farm, 2021

Articles – Men’s Fitness Magazine, 2020-21

Development work – The Format Factory, 2020

Dwarfheim Trailer, script – The TrailerFam, 2020

Wellness Pitch, client pitch – Unilever/BBD Perfect Storm, 2020

First Time Club, article – Empire Magazine, 2020

Working Dads, regular blogs – WorkingDads.co.uk, 2019-20

TUC, Online video, 2018

BBC Comedy Classroom (BBC iPlayer, 2016)

Severance, R&D work for a dance company – Zoelogic Dance, 2016

Adventurer’s Club, Children’s TV Pilot – Channel X, 2014

Grunge, Children’s TV Pilot – Absolutely Cuckoo, 2014

Whale Trail, Children’s TV Pilot – Absolutely Cuckoo, 2014