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Looking for work and managing a toddler – My occasional blog for July 2020

First Gig, Worst Gig. Kids Comedy Special – A Q&A on ComedyClub4Kids shows for British Comedy Guide.

Self employed parents are being let down – My occasional blog for March 2020

Love work and love life and the balance will come easy – My occasional blog for on the work-life balance. January 2020




Working Dads – My second blog for WorkingDads all about the need for childcare when you’re freelance. October 2019

No Joke: The Scientific Tricks To Making A Child Laugh – I am interviewed alongside some excellent people in this HuffPost Uk piece. September 2019

Random 8 – I answered 8 random questions for the British Comedy Guide. September 2019

Working Dads – My first blog of an occasional blog for about parenting and comedy. June 2019

Dad Blog UK – The excellent Dad Blog UK aka John Adams asked me some questions about dadding and gigging and I mostly talked about how tired I am. April 2019

How To Be Confident – I contributed to this Fashion Beans piece on being confident, January 2019



How To Make Money From Comedy – A Chortle Correspondents piece I wrote, September 2018

I interviewed very funny comedian Elf Lyons about her EdFringe show for Lambeth Life, August 2018

Highlights from 100 episodes of Partly Political Broadcast – British Comedy Guide, 9th May 2018



A Year In Review: The hangover from 2016 drags on –, 29th December 2017

South Wales Argus – 10th September 2017

Rogue Pun at the Fringe – British Comedy Guide, 7th September 2017

Edinburgh Fringe Extra – British Comedy Guide, 31st August 2017

4* review of my EdFringe show – Three Weeks, 19th August 2017

In The Hot Seat – Punchline Comedy, 26th July 2017

EdFringe17 Comedy Q&A – Broadway Baby, 15th July 2017

Why You Should Pick Up Your Phone… – Huffpost, 6th June 2017

5 Political Podcasts To Listen To Before The Election – Red Online, 30th May 2017



Interview for the British Comedy Guide – 19th May 2016

It’s Time To Scrap The Ban On Satirising Parliament – A piece I wrote for – 7th March 2016



Interview with Soho Theatre about Comedy Club 4 Kids – 17th November 2015

Independent On Sunday piece on our Comedy Club 4 Kids gig for the Inside Out DVD release – 8th November 2015

Interview I did with Helsingin Sanomat for the Finnish Arctic Laughs festival. (It’s in Finnish) – 30th October 2015

An interview with This Week London about Comedy Club 4 Kids. 3rd September 2015

My Edinburgh show is included in the Punchline Comedy’s weekend schedule for Aug 28th-30th – 28th August 2015

My Perfect Playlist on Chortle. – 13th August 2015

Nice 4 star review for Comedy Club 4 Kids in Edinburgh, when I was MC. – Festmag, 12th

August 2015  Lovely big piece on my poster in the first Fest Mag issues of EdFringe 2015. Check a few pages in. 4th August 2015

My show is one of 10 free fringe shows to look out for at the EdFringe2015. Wow247Fest, 31st July 2015

Interview with This Week London about the Phoenix Fringe and the Edinburgh Fringe. 30th July 2015

My show is one of Gigglebeats best show names of the EdFringe 2015. Which is nice. 25th July 2015

Tiernan Douieb Answers 10 Edinburgh Fringe Questions – British Comedy Guide. 21st July 2015

My Edinburgh show is one of Time Out Comedy’s 74 shows to see at the Fringe this year. 12th July 2015

An interview I did with Bad Scents Of Humour Blog. 8th May 2015

Little mention in the Guardian’s comedy pick of the week for Andy Zaltzman’s show that I’m a guest on. 1st May 2015

I answered some Rarely Asked Questions for Bruce Dessau’s Beyond The Joke site. 26th March 2015

Nice plug and mini-review for my stand-up show on Time Out London’s blog. 22nd March 2015

Nice review of a gig in Llanelli – Llanelli Star, 18th March 2015

Funny Business: What Makes Someone A Comedian? – I’m quoted in this piece by Professor Sophie Scott. Standard Issue, 12th March 2015

The Curious Case Of The Comedian And The 27 Hour Gig – Independent, 26th February 2015

A piece in Broadcast Magazine about the proposed BBC3 takeover plans. (For non-subscribers it’s also HERE) – 20th January 2015

Here’s What British Satirists Had To Say In Response To The Charlie Hebdo Attack – Buzzfeed, 8th January 2015



Christmas Shows That Are Funny For All The Family – The Independent 4th December 2014

Plug and a big ol’ pic of my mug in the Metro promoting my solo show – 24th November 2014

One of my tweets on sentences for internet trolls was used in The Times – 21st October 2014

An UsVsTh3m piece on the gig Josie Long did for the Focus E15 group. I was on the bill too. 

Nice mention in Three Weeks **** review of Comedy Club 4 Kids – 21st August 2014

The Arab World Is No Joke, Even At Edinburgh Fringe – The National, 17th August 2014

Beyond A Joke: How To Study Laughter Scientifically 10th July 2014 – An article by Professor Sophie Scott mentioning an awkward gig that I did

HAZ Sonnetag – I’m interviewed in this article about social media, Eurovision and Europe. (Article is in German)

Four Kids, One Mum Travel – An interview with me about Comedy Club 4 Kids

Stand Up Comedy Robot Wins Photography Prize – A small mention in the DM for the robot gig I did in 2013

Leicester Mercury – Review of the show I hosted at De Montfort Hall. I get called a ‘bearded berk’, affectionately, apparently. February 16th 2014

The Berliner Morgenpost on Sochi 2014 – 10th February 2014. Quoting my tweet as an English comedian who likes the German team’s kit!’There is still the Englishman to happiness!’

15 Tweets To George Osborne That Will Cheer You Up – A few of my tweets on The Poke, 8th January 2014

Trials and Errors of Type 1 Diabetes and Comedy – A short blog I wrote for the JDRF website.

31 Of The Best Heckles From Children – A Buzzfeed piece I wrote about Comedy Club 4 Kids

Party Tricks For Diabetics – A short blog I wrote for the JDRF website.



Interview with Tiernan about his mini-tour in Iceland –  The Reykjavik Grapevine, 5th November 2013

Interview with Tiernan about his mini-your in Iceland – Spegill, 28th October 2013 – article is in Icelandic

Living With Diabetes As A Comedian – Funny Fecker’s Blog, 24th October 2013

British Gas #AskBG Twitter Campaign Backfires – The Telegraph, 17th October 2013

British Gas Q&A Backfires – The Metro, 17th October 2013

Tiernan’s tweet used as part of Mehdi Hasan’s article about the US Shutdown  – Huffington Post, 14th October 2013

Robot Comedian Stands Up Well Against Human Rivals – New Scientist, 15th August 2013

Scientists Create Robot To Take On Comedians In Stand-Up Challenge – Evening Standard, 9th August 2013

BBC News article about Comedy 4 Kids – 6th August 2013

Letter To Edinburgh – Three Weeks, August 6th 2013

Tiernan’s Top Ten Comedians – Time Out, August 5th 2013

Rise Of The RoboComics, Chortle – 5th August 2013

The (Edinburgh) Fringe Is Dead, Long Live The (Phoenix) Fringe – British Comedy Guide, August 3rd 2013

Did You Hear About The Edinburgh Fringe Show That Made A Profit? – The Observer, 4th August 2013

Fringe Benefits For The Comedians Staying Away From Edinburgh – The Independent, 1st August 2013


Pith Follows British Prime Minister – My tweet featured in the NY Times, 7th October 2012


Huffington Post Blogs

I used to write a regular blog for The Huffington Post. They’ve still got an archive of them up, so if you’d like to read them; click here.