Fringe Day 26: Bitey Berserker Vikings

Forgive the brevity of this blog, but its my final show tonight and I fully intend to enjoy every second of the lead up to it. Yes it would help if I wasn’t hungover. Yes it would also help if I wasn’t wearing a towel around my shoulders like a Roman which is restricting my typing ability while doing this. Yes it’d be nice if last night had been my final one as they were an awesome packed crowd and it was a great gig and today, being Sunday, will be quieter. Yes my throat finally feels like I’ve been gargling gravel. No, I don’t give two monkeys in a big bag, tied nicely with a ribbon. I’m about to go and eat the biggest breakfast possible and then mosey my afternoon away generally shouting ‘No’ loudly at flyerers and writing out lists of just how many hours I’m going to sleep when I get home. So in order for me to get underway with such things, here’s some quick things about why yesterday was a great penultimate show day to have:

– Andrew Maxwell’s story about why he only woke up with only one shoe yesterday morning is by far my favourite story of the fringe so far and caused me to double over with laughing pain.

– This story was followed by him leading me and Paul in a march to the National Museum of Scotland to see the Lewis Chessmen, a collection of Viking Chess pieces, all of which were given voices by Maxwell as he marched round proclaiming he was the King of Scotland and generally causing top levels of mayhem. The chessmen were pretty awesome and I reckon I’d be far more interested in chess were current bored to have a pawn that looks like a berserker viking biting his own shield. I’ve never eaten a shield. I assume its not as tasty as breakfast. That proves he was proper mental.

– I had ho-fun noodles. They are not as exciting as their name suggests.

– There is nothing like walking back with all your flatmates as the sun rises at 6am and the city looks incredible, whilst you foul it with some of the crudest chat you’ve had all fringe. Take that the morning and all its serenity!

– Lots of bloody nice people came to show yesterday. I like it when this happens. Hoping it will happen again today.

– I’m still not dead. It looks very likely that I will beat the fringe. Fingers crossed. I will be sure to avoid all possible Edinburgh death traps.

That’s all. Tomorrow I’ll start my Edinburgh lists. Maybe.