Here Endeth The Fringe

Stick a fork in me, I’m done. Fringe 2010 took it in the face. Its now Monday 30th August and I’m not dead. Therefore Tiernan 1, Fringe 0. Its nice to complete your achievements. Mr room’s packed and we’re all about to grips with cleaning the flat, which shouldn’t be too bad apart from the bathroom and kitchen which currently have life forms growing in them that we should keep and give to New Scientist as a Christmas present. Its amazing how over the course of a month the areas for eating and cleaning should become the most unhygienic part of the whole flat. Were you to see either right now, you’d be curious as to how any of us are in anyway clean ourselves when surely having a shower in a our studenty cess pit of a bathroom can only be coating us in further dirt and the build up of plates in the kitchen looks like a tiny crockery based empire. This shall all be dealt with in a matter of hours and then the last day in Edinburgh will commence until we all leave tomorrow and wave this city goodbye for another year. I then give it two days before I start discussing how this year’s fringe was and then a week before I start thinking about next year’s. It dominates the life of the comic like an unseen performance based overlord. Sauron with jazz hands.

Yesterday was a top send off for a final show. A great, packed crowd and audience members who insisted on waiting to tell me how much they’d enjoyed the show, which meant a lot. One said it was ‘inspirational’. I think they are possibly very easily inspired and wouldn’t be surprised if later that night they were inspired by a particularly large seagull and someone falling over their own feet. Still I’ve never inspired anyone before, so if that man now goes away, grows a tiny goatee and starts shouting about ‘Dolmio’ then I feel I’ve done something right. Then it was all about kicking the shit out of Silent Disco, which en masse, we did. Forming a circle, the most gallant dance troup of some of my favourite people this fringe, proceeded to throw more shapes than an angry Playschool presenter. All sense of dignity was lost and everything was enjoyed from Morrisey to the Prodigy, each song indiscriminately being given our collectively small array of moves. Highlight’s include the K-Hizzle’s robot and syncro-dancing with Jen, a comedy dance-off against Danny, and myself and Matt Blair moshing the shit out of RATM. Amazing. There was a mass conga to a Brazillian type track and the feeling of relief that we’d all got through August was obvious. Every big occasion should end in a Silent Disco. Weddings, graduations, even funerals. There is nothing quite as therapeutic as dancing like a proper bellend.

And now to enjoy the next 24 hours without having to do a show and say the same words I’ve been repeating everyday since August 6th. It shall involve seeing Nat and Tom’s last shows, a baked potato, Tim Fitzhigham’s champagne reception and possibly the Stand party. Well done Fringe 2010. You’ve been a bit awesome as always.

Tomorrow’s blog from the train will be Fringe highlights and the Fringe list. Be prepared.