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‘There’s nothing happening in the world today’ I find myself often muttering to L. She will often rifle through Twitter and respond with ‘No. It all seems rather dull today.’ This isn’t an admittance that I can single handedly halt the turning of the Earth just using incredible psychic thoughts. Nor is it the moment […]

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It’s not often I want to kick myself for failing to do something anymore. I’ve do a job I like and in which I mostly dictate what I do with it. I learned ages ago not to regret not doing things I don’t like doing anyway and so have spent many happy years now not […]

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I’ve just read an article in a paper (well, an online paper) about another paper doing an advert that slandered the journalist from yet another paper. The advert in question was unnecessarily vicious, and exceedingly bigoted, slandering a journalist for being pro-gay and stating such incredible untruths as there being ‘no such word for homophobic.’ […]

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The last two days have been a flurry of attempting to write material in time for Old Rope only for me to write only three jokes, all of which will be relevant for a week – one only for a day – before disappearing into the ether along with the news story it represents. There […]

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