Block The Bridge

A very short blog today as I’m off to this:


Which is one of the most important protests you could possibly attend. I’m meant to be doing stand-up there today but I’m really struggling to find humour in the notion of the NHS being destroyed in place of a privatised system that the government have no accountability for. I ranted about such things only the other day (see National Health Disservice ) but since then I’ve got slightly more clued up on how preposterous the entire situation is. Have a read of this:


Yes, I know there is a lot of reading to do today but trust me, if you care about your own health and live in the UK, let alone caring about the health of anyone else in the UK, then you shouldn’t hesitate to cram some knowledge cookies down your brainbox. The more people know about this, the less the government can get away with it. There are so many clauses since the bill’s amendment in the Spring that haven’t been checked and will now not be checked in time before the bill is passed that we could essentially let something slide that has points 1-600 saying ‘ everyone ill over the age of 65 will be turned into Soylent Green’.

Without meaning to repeat myself from previous blogs, but the notion that the Care Quality Commision will be so overrun with applications that unqualified people will be tampering with my body is terrifying. Sure unqualified people have tampered with my body before, but I was usually drunk and at least a little bit attracted to them. A little bit. My concern is that I’ll go to my Opthamologists to find an Apple ‘i’ doctor ready with a spoon and a maglite as he fancied a job change. I don’t want my diabetic specialists replaced with a representative from Mars Incorporated who insist that one of their products a day will help me work, rest and play whilst keeping quiet its part of their own tests to see how ill the bars make Type 1 sufferers. I definitely don’t want my podiatrist being replaced with someone from Nike, knowing full well all their recommendations require me buying expensive trainers. Yes it’s an exaggerated view, but imagine your hospitals budget being run miles away by a company that couldn’t give a shit if you live or die, and more whether its drugs are being sold in the fuckton and how their annual figures are. Scary huh?

My only plan is that if this bill is passed, we should all save whatever pennies we have and find the private hospitals that Cameron & Lansley use, all subscribe to their services for at least a month and consistently clog up the service with the most minor of ailment complaints to show those elitist arseholes what happens to a system when its oversubscribed and not cared for. Then I’m going to register as a ‘surgeon’ and keep praying they have an accident.

You should go today. If you’re not going then at least do this:


We have to stop this happening. End of argument.


NB. If you are a reader from abroad, apologies for these constant UK based blogs, but hopefully it’ll either help you to stop such things from happening where you are, or perhaps if you already live in a society without a national health service, you can inform those you know in the UK of just what its like having a cost on your lives.