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Some self PR today as it’s L’s birthday and we’re going for a day of fun times and birthday adventures. Jealous? You should be. So no real blog from me, but instead here are some things I put on the inter web yesterday in audio and visual times. I can’t work out how to embed […]

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It has dawned on me that this is the 1005th blog that I’ve written since the end of 2008. Quite a number, and more impressive when I realise just how much shit I’ve typed away meaninglessly for free on the inter webs. I doubt any of you have read all 1005, but if you have, […]

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Less a blog today, more a small collection of things of which I wish to inform you. Serious one first: NHS REFORM BILL The NHS reform bill is currently being debated by the House of Lords and with the assumption that it will get passed in some format whether we like it or not, this […]

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