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I re-watched Chris Morris & Charlie Brooker’s Nathan Barley last night, in it’s entirety. It is the limbo period between Christmas and New Year’s after all and really, what else is there to do? The usual Christmas batch of television has been even more dire than usual with endless repeats or at least repeats of […]

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On Saturday, my car went on fire. I’m sure that’s not the correct way of putting it, but that is what it did. Or more accurately, after two years of constantly causing me troubles, it committed its own viking funeral. No one was hurt and I didn’t need the services of car wreck lawyers, thank […]

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I’ve been thinking a lot about the events of the last week in Britain. Well the Woolwich murder and aftermath in particular though I did spend quite some time dwelling on the sad death of a zoo keeper by a tiger. This story has put an end to my overly hopeful dreams of one day […]

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In 1999 my mum and I went to see the Colour of Justice: The Stephen Lawrence Inquiry at the Victoria Palace Theatre. An incredible production that was set in the courtrooms of the initial trial hearing, not a dry eye was left in the house as we watched the actors playing Stephen’s parents superbly play […]

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