Super Great Kids Stories February 12th, 2021

I am really chuffed to have been added to the roster of storytellers on the very, very popular & very lovely Super Great Kids Stories podcast. My first story for them is out now and is the Norse tale of how Loki tricked Thrym The Frost Giant. Get your kids to listen at: https://pod.fo/e/b6aa9

First Gig, Worst Gig – Kids Comedy Special May 15th, 2020

It’s a FGWG special this week as we look at surely the most terrifying types of gigs: shows for kids. Yes, you may picture total bedlam, like staging classical music for cats, but some acts are absolutely ace at it, such as our old pal Tiernan Douieb. He’s the likeable face/brain of Comedy Club 4 […]

No Joke: The Scientific Tricks To Making A Child Laugh September 27th, 2019

Watching your child’s sense of humour develop is one of the most rewarding bits of parenting. Seeing your kid in fits of giggles and witnessing the cogs turning as they try to be funny themselves – even in the most rudimentary of ways, like declaring they are their teddy bear and their teddy bear is them […]

The Privilege Of A Burning Car July 29th, 2014

On Saturday, my car went on fire. I’m sure that’s not the correct way of putting it, but that is what it did. Or more accurately, after two years of constantly causing me troubles, it committed its own viking funeral. No one was hurt and I didn’t need the services of car wreck lawyers, thank […]