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I was worried that this blog may not apply or be of interest to you all. Then I realised, you’ve all written an hour show right? Of course you have. Everyone, at one point or another, has sat down, churned out an hour of stand-up in order to perform it to people all round the […]

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It’s a beautiful sunny Sunday in England and all is very much well with the world. It makes a sharp change from the rest of the weekend where it has been nothing but an uphill struggle where doing my job I like very much became a job. Not all of it, by any means, with […]

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Oh yeah. A blog. I was meant to do one of these hours ago, but what with old Gaddifi popping his clogs, and then a meeting where I had two coffees that seemed to have contained more caffeine than someone who works in media after bathing in coffee, my brain is floating somewhere in a […]

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