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A short story, by Tiernan Douieb aged 33 and a half. Then suddenly, the comments sections were turned off. On every news site, every blog page, every hotel recommendation, porn video and home-care zines alike. Nowhere, on the entirety of the internet could a thought be listed underneath, explaining what the average Joe or Joanne […]

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I’ve just read an article in a paper (well, an online paper) about another paper doing an advert that slandered the journalist from yet another paper. The advert in question was unnecessarily vicious, and exceedingly bigoted, slandering a journalist for being pro-gay and stating such incredible untruths as there being ‘no such word for homophobic.’ […]

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I’m taking part in a radio show tonight. It’s one of those ones where they discuss topical issues, people call in who have often read a news headline and like shouting it over and over again until someone responds, and they have a guest comedian hoping they might say something funny here and there. Tonight, […]

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Opinions eh? Who’d have ’em? Only fucking idiots I reckon. Well only idiots would have opinions that are different to the opinions I have. I mean, why on Earth would anyone ever think anything different to me and the way I think things with my brain? Seems implausible. I mean there are only a finite […]

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