Hello, as a quick follow up to THIS POST here’s a quick update of more things I’ve been making to keep you all entertained during lockdown dull times.


We’ve been doing online Comedy Club 4 Kids shows via NextUpComedy‘s streaming platform Next Up Now. The first two are still up online and we’ll be doing a third show on Saturday May 2nd at 10.30am on their twitch, youtube and Facebook pages.

CC4K Livestream 1 with Helen Duff, Ed Petrie, Shelf and Jay Foreman is above:

And show number 2 with Ada Campe, Paul Duncan McGarrity, Rosie Jones and Mitch Benn is here:

Our CC4K: Radio Nonsense podcasts have continued and are suitable for all ages of people who like silly humour. Check them out HERE

And I made some videos teaching kids how to write their own short stand-up set, that I recorded for the Pauline Quirk Academy. You can watch them here:


My podcast Partly Political Broadcast is still happening every week. Have a listen & subscribe to it HERE

I’ve also featured on Jason Reed’s lovely new podcast called ‘So I Start A Revolution From My Bed’ where he got very upset about how I eat porridge. Listen here:


And I’ve been hosting quite a few of NextUpComedy’s Next Up Now ‘Discover’ nights, where I host a Q&A with acts after their show or clips of their specials are streamed first. My previous ones with Archie Maddix, Njambi McGrath, Bec Hill and Juliette Burton can be found on NextUp’s youtube page and on Weds 29th I’m hosting ‘Discover: Alistair Beckett King’ at 9pm.


Oh and I did a voice for a computer game trailer. If you’ve ever wondered what my Russian accent is like, wonder no more. Here is Modern Wolf’s excellent looking Kosmokrats:

MORE SOON! Stay safe!